Great Big Food Events LLC is focused on producing food related-events that inspire all who participate. Introducing people to new ingredients and inspired recipes in a vibrant atmosphere encourages creativity among chefs, sponsors, and attendees.
Our executive team features unique skill sets that bring together event management, catering, online marketing, and high-end food preparation expertise. With over 20 years of experience at their respective positions, our founders are focused on three things:
     • Producing Immersive & Memorable Events
     • Showcasing Talented Chefs
     • Promoting Sustainable Foods & Farming

No matter what food, cooking style, or condiment is being highlighted, we are focused on our guests’ experience and their total enjoyment of every event we produce.
Get in touch with any questions about participating in one of our upcoming events as a chef, sponsor, attendee, member of the press or city looking to partner with us for an exciting gourmet festival.

Meet The Team