Participate as a Chef or Restaurant

Thanks for your interest in joining us at an upcoming event! We want to let your skills as a chef / restaurateur shine. Each of our events is designed to provide maximum exposure for you and enable quality interactions with attendees.

As restaurant industry veterans, we also want to let you know how participating will help your bottom line.

Here are the Top 6 reasons to book your spot today:

  • Exposure to the right demographic - Our ticket prices are among the highest in the industry because we throw high end events. This ensures that attendees are from the highest income brackets. (e.g. spend the most money at restaurants)
  • Get your name in front thousands of highly engaged foodies that love to eat out, write Yelp reviews, and share stories about the dishes they try.
  • There are no booth fees to participate! Seriously! Tables, signage, and occasionally even some equipment will be provided for free.
  • Your logo, website and location details will be continuously promoted on our website and Facebook pages - which get lots of eyeballs.
  • Show other top chefs and the press what you’re made of – you get to come up with a creative menu item that can generate a great buzz for your restaurant or food truck.
  • Post event, our mobile app will keep your business top of mind with your target audience.

Are you ready to join us at The Great Big Bacon Picnic May 16 & 17, 2015? Let’s get started with Step 1 of the Sign Up Process

Looking for some more details about the benefits, logistics & board of health requirements? Get the complete Chef/Restaurant Kit.

Who is the target audience?

Passionate Foodies

Age: 25 – 45

Individual Income: $75K+

Eat out 3 – 4 times a week

Buy groceries at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Fresh Direct

Highly active on social media

Aspire to and/or buy luxury brands

Seeking unique events and VIP experience