Craig Taylor

Craig has been promoting successful events in NYC and nationally for over twenty-five years. He has spearheaded decade-long running events such as the Craig D. Tifford Foundation Gala (over $1mm raised to date), the Fat Friday Mardi Gras Fundraiser (over $26k raised in 2014), and the legendary Xtreme Halloween parties.

An accomplished musician, Craig has sold over 50,000 albums on his own record label and has overseen all aspects of his career, including management, publicity, production, recording, and touring. He has also managed seven other musical acts over the years. From performing at Lollapalooza in 1996 to managing at Bonnaroo in 2014, Craig knows performance and execution when the lights go up. His logistical and promotional experience are essential assets within our organization.

Craig has a degree in Public Policy Studies from Duke University.

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